Amélia Foz

Amélia Foz

In the north of Portugal in Foz do Porto – Amélia Foz arrives, the poodle girlfriend of the famous Nicolau, who adopting an even more sophisticated, almost Parisian style, opens doors with new and fascinating flavors that promise a trip around the world with original flavors .
Combining the best of both worlds, Amélia Foz combines, in its perfect location, the charm of the city of Porto with the proximity of the sea and the famous Douro River.

With the arrival of a new space, its menu also promises new additions to conventional dishes – such as Amélia eggs, poached on tomato toast with spinach, avocado,salty granola and beetroot hummus, Pumpkin Risotto with coconut milk and goat cheese or the classic Pancakes.
There are also other flavor surprises based in different corners of the world. Thus, Sakshuka, inspired by Israeli cuisine, and Chow Fun, a Chinese dish, stand out. Also inspired by this cuisine are the Duck Tacos, which are reminiscent of the typical dish, Peking duck, of which many are fans.

Our new space adapts perfectly to the multifaceted location in which it is located, combining the beach atmosphere with the city atmosphere of Porto, featuring an interior terrace and the relaxed and cool atmosphere that so well characterizes the Nicolau group.

Green is our inspiration!

Come visit us at Rua Senhora da Luz, 286

+351 226 155 315