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AMÉLIA, the girlfriend of Nicolau: The delicacy and elegance of Amélia is only comparable to the irreverence she shows in her wonderful pink styling: the baroness of Campo de Ourique is the centre of attention of her small “county” of Lisbon.

If even Nicolau fell in love, it's impossible not to get carried away too.

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at Amelia Lisboa (Campo de Ourique)

Address: Rua Ferreira Borges, 101, Campo de Ourique, 1350-128 Lisboa



We make reservations during the week all day and on weekends after 17h00. 

Any question please contact us through or e-mail or directly to the restaurant.

Tolerance - Due to the high number of requests, we appreciate that any delay longer than 15 minutes is reported by telephone as soon as possible. If not, your table will be allocated to another reservation.

Booking Duration - To ensure the best experience, we appreciate that all members of the reservation arrive at the scheduled time, as it may not be possible to postpone the next booking.

Table Assignment - Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee specific tables and seats, however please leave your comment recorded that our teams will do their best to fulfil your requests.

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