Nicolau Lisboa

Nicolau Lisboa

We are told that when he arrived, nor the Lisbon girl and child has resisted him:  Nicolau, the proud aristocrat with German blood (but Latin good talking) grew and became a reference of the capital.

The curious and brave “engaging of the downtown” travelled the world (and many Lisbon princesses) but it was from Brazil that he brought the smells and tastes he shares with passion for food to whom enters in his café.

With his chic and very tropical style, Nicolau continues walking through Lisbon, but now their delicious dishes are the delight of those who go there.


Nicolau recommends:

- Pancake Nicolau for the more greedy ones

- Salads for a healthy lunch

- Vegan brownie super tasty

- Green Juice of Nicolau to give a boost to your day

- Our açaí with a wonderful granola without sugar but plenty of flavour


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