Amélia Lisboa

Amélia Lisboa

AMÉLIA, the girlfriend of Nicolau: The delicacy and elegance of Amélia is only comparable to the irreverence she shows in her wonderful pink styling: the baroness of Campo de Ourique is the centre of attention of her small “county” of Lisbon.

From her art noveau window, Amélia is wooed time and again, but her heart has only space for the better known engaging of Lisbon. Some gossip people tell that Amélia has discovered the perfume of the passion and that she has thrown it in her secret garden, on an autumn afternoon, where she was drinking tea with Nicolau. If this is true, we don’t know, but we feel her freshness and lightness in the dishes she prepares with lots of love and serves in her pink counter or in the secret garden where we still can feel that perfume.

If even Nicolau fell in love it’s impossible you also don’t lose yourself.


Amélia recommends:

 - Eggs Amélia for a healthy and tasty breakfast

 - Veggie Burger for a Soothing Lunch


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